Case Study - Tapping Alternative Power | John Crane
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Case Study: Tapping alternative power

While John Crane is renowned for servicing the traditional oil and gas sector, its advanced equipment is also proving crucial to the development of one of the most promising sources of ‘renewable’ energy – concentrated solar power. 

By 2050 around 15% of Europe’s electricity demand could be met by solar energy and John Crane is already participating in projects in southern Spain and the United States. Its patented HTC (High-Temperature Corrosion-resistant) seal technology allows reliable sealing of heat transfer fluids, critical to the success of concentrated power plants. 

John Crane sealing technology is also used in the ‘power block’ section, where a safely encased combination of molten salts and water produces high-powered steam to drive turbines and generators. The intense heat of up to 400°C (752°F) is created by mirror-focusing the sun’s rays on to an absorber tube filled with heat transfer fluid. This thermal energy can be stored in the form of melted salts so that generation can continue through the night or on cloudy days.

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