Creating a Winning Formula for Equipment Uptime with Asset Health Management

Creating a Winning Formula for Equipment Uptime with Asset Health Management

How effective equipment monitoring can impact your operational performance

July 27, 2020 | 5 minute read


Formula One is the modern racing series in which all others are measured, where milliseconds can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Importance of Monitoring Equipment Health and Performance 

Strict rules on aerodynamics, weight and engine power mean that to win, teams must look at constantly evolving data to optimize race strategy to beat the competition when qualifying, and competing demands of different operational phases must be managed to enable the team to meet its goals.


Monitoring the health of equipment key components is essential for optimizing performance and remaining within the constraints imposed by regulators. No matter the scenario in question, achieving your desired optimal performance is decided by changing operating strategy to align with the condition of the equipment, and performing maintenance when it has the smallest impact on the your objectives.

Making the Case for Asset Health Management

Asset Health Management (AHM) works in a similar way. By monitoring the condition and performance of your assets, you can take actions to ensure that they continue to perform at their best and meet regulations for as long as possible. When maintenance is necessary, we get advance warning meaning that we can plan the work and schedule it for a period that minimizes the impact on our goals. The timeframes may not be as tight, but this approach can make all the difference when striving to meet targets and gain an edge over our competitors.

John Crane Asset Management Solutions delivers proven AHM services as part of a wider maintenance strategy, tailored to customers’ individual business needs.

JCAMS monitors condition and performance of critical assets in a number of ways, including vibration monitoring, thermal scanning and coolant analysis. This allows owners to take timely actions to prevent asset deterioration and fix defects forever, with minimum impact on operations and cost.

Client benefits include lower overall maintenance cost, higher uptime, reduced inventory and greater confidence in business continuity.

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