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John Crane provides a wide range of technical training courses covering key mechanical seal and coupling concepts and correct procedures for installation, operation and maintenance of mechanical seals and couplings. Courses are offered in various modalities, including classroom, virtual and on-demand.

These comprehensive training courses give end-user/OEM personnel, such as engineers, technicians, operators and mechanics, knowledge that can contribute to optimizing uptime by keeping equipment running safely, smoothly and reliably.

Upskilling The Current Workforce

Training is a valuable tool for mitigating the impact of the loss of skilled labor. Upskilling the current workforce eliminates the need to conduct lengthy, expensive searches. Investing in employees is an effective tool for reducing turnover and building loyalty, further lessening the burden of finding new talent. Given the pace of change, making the most of current resources is vital to staying competitive.

The knowledge and experience of the trainers, combined with the use of our actual drawings and seals, improved the training experience.
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Training by Experts

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Accomplished Training Team

Our technical trainers have more than 60 years of experience demonstrating proper procedures for working with mechanical seals. Their expertise goes beyond the classroom; our instructors have spent years in the field, operating, maintaining and commissioning rotating equipment globally.

Our expertise includes:
Pump seals                           • Dry gas seals
Couplings                              • Engineering 
Design                                     • Application
Research and development

Industry Knowledge:
Oil and gas                             • Pulp and paper
Mining                                      • Water and wastewater treatment
Turbomachinery                 • Power generation
Pharmaceutical                  • Food and beverage
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Customized Training

Each facility operates under unique circumstances with its own challenges. Training workers on how to best navigate an individual situation enhances productivity and improves performance.  John Crane offers custom courses tailored to your specific needs that are available on-site or at a John Crane training center.

Our capabilities include:
Course content specific to the process/facilities/equipment
Address attendees’ issues and concerns
Practical approach based on extensive operational experience
Comprehensive training notes
Evaluation and assessment of participants
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