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John Crane Diamond® Unique Characteristics Extend Mechanical Seal Life

Derived from nature’s hardest substance, John Crane Diamond uses ultrananocrystalline diamond (John Crane Diamond®) treatment—a thin film of genuine diamond that is grown via chemical vapor deposition on the seal face. Only John Crane integrates this technology directly into our manufacturing process, bringing you unmatched expertise in seal and face treatments with best-in-class adhesion.

John Crane Diamond is available on sintered silicon carbide and tungsten carbide substrates offering performance benefits in a wide range of applications in nearly every industry. For a full list of seal and material availability click here.



  • Ten times harder than silicon carbide ​
  • Five times less friction than carbon vs. silicon carbide​
  • Ten times the thermal conductivity of silicon carbide​
  • Extreme chemical resistance​
  • Best-in-class adhesion​

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