John Crane - Type-7700
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Modular Wet or Dry Running Face-to-Face Cartridge Seal for Mixer and Agitator Applications

The Type 7700 is a modular dual pressurized, face-to-face, O-ring pusher, cartridge seal designed for severe duty mixer applications.  It features a single rotating mating ring used by both inboard and outboard seals. This minimizes the number of components and results in an axially compact design. Inboard and outboard seals are identical, maximizing interchangeability. The Type 7700 is specifically designed to accommodate very large amounts of runout and angular deflection. The seal incorporates modular hardware to provide maximum interchangeability. Two combinations of seal face technology are available, contacting dry running (7700D) and contacting wet running (7700W) to maximize the Type 7700’s flexibility and value. 

The heavy-duty Type 7700 is design-specific to serve critically important vessels in batch or continuous processes. It guards the batch from contamination, greatly reduces leakage, and extends Mean Time Between Planned Maintenance (MTBPM). For performance and durability, this dry-running or wet-running double opposed cartridge seal is in a class by itself.



  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • Heavy-Duty Cartridge seal
  • Dual pressurized face-to-face arrangement
  • Externally mounted
  • Dry running or wet running capable
  • Heavy duty design for mixers
  • Accommodates high levels of runout and angular deflection
  • Robust ear drive design for high torque transmission 
  • Debris Well Option and Adapter Plate Option
  • Radial Bearing Option
  • Field repairable


Temperature Limits

Dry: -40°F to 450°F (-40°C to 232°C )

Wet: -40 to 500°F (-40°C to 260°C)

Pressure Limits

Dry: Full vacuum to 200 psig (13.8 barg)

Wet: Full vacuum to 125 psi(g)/8.5 bar(g)

Speed Limits

Dry: 400 fpm (2 m/s)

Wet: up to 4700 fpm (23.8 m/s)

Standard Size Range

0.750 to 8.250 inch

Recommended Applications

  • 反应釜与搅拌器
  • 其他转动设备

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