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Type 3740D

Dry Running Cartridge Split Seal

The Type 3740D dry-running split seal is a mechanical seal designed for the large shaft run-out and harsh operating conditions commonly associated with top-entry vessel mixing services and other dry-running applications. Type 3740D dry-running split seals are suitable for use in equipment according to 2014/34/EU (ATEX 95) Group II, Category 2 GD.

The Type 3740D is part of the 3740 Series of split seals, which includes the Type 3740 wet-running split seal. These split seals use the latest modular split seal technology from John Crane that combines the unique design requirements for wet-running and dry-running services onto one common seal platform.



  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • Suitable for use in equipment according to 2014/34/EU (ATEX 95) Group II, Category 2 GD
  • Factory-preassembled rotor assembly for fast, easy yet precise rotating face installation
  • Separate stationary seal face for visual assurance the halves are correctly aligned
  • Factory-preassembled gland plate assembly for easy, single-step installation
  • Enhanced runout capability for large radial shaft movements
  • Premium seal face materials for optimal performance
  • Temporary wet-running allowable
  • Captive socket head cap screws to eliminate lost or dropped screws
  • Same-side screws on all hardware for easy access and faster installation
  • Dovetail O-ring grooves to contain all O-rings without requiring adhesives
  • Fast and easy field repair kits that do not require any special tools, adhesives or procedures


Temperature Limits


Pressure Limits

Vacuum to 80 psi(g) / 5.5 bar(g)

Speed Limits


Recommended Applications

  • 反应釜与搅拌器
  • 驱动机械
  • 其他转动设备
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