John Crane - Cause-and-Corrective-Procedures-for-Identifying-and-Reducing-Seal-Leakage-Part-3

Causes and Corrective Procedures for Identifying and Reducing Seal Leakage: Part 3

In the final installment of this webinar series, our engineers will continue discussing the symptoms, possible causes and corrective procedures to promote the trouble-free operation of mechanical seals. By attending, you’ll learn to correctly interpret the signs of equipment issues, which may lead to seal damage or indicate that impairment has occurred. Our engineers will provide practical tips on how to adjust the operation of equipment to avoid seal damage.

This session will outline the following conditions:

• Coning (Negative Rotation)

• Thermal Distortion (Positive Rotation)

• High Wear or Thermally Distressed Surface

• High Wear and Grooving

Who should attend:

• Maintenance Engineers/Managers

• Reliability Engineers

• Rotating Equipment Engineers

• Plant Managers

• Anyone involved in the application and maintenance of mechanical seals and rotating equipment

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