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John Crane Diamond® Improves Operational Performance on Tungsten Carbide Substrate

August 30, 2022 | 3 minute read


Why a Tungsten Carbide Substrate

In certain applications, tungsten carbide offers unique benefits in terms of mechanical properties, including fracture toughness, overall strength and elasticity.

Tungsten carbide substrate is often required on integrally geared, high-speed pumps using a clamped-in mating ring. When the mating ring is clamped between two metallic surfaces, tungsten carbide’s mechanical properties allow it to withstand the clamping. Because of its superior mechanical properties, tungsten carbide can also withstand high-speed centrifugal forces without outside diameter support.

Adding John Crane Diamond® to a Tungsten Carbide Substrate

There are many applications in which adding a seal face technology such as John Crane Diamond to a tungsten carbide substrate can improve mechanical seal performance. Common problems to look for are failure mechanisms such as heat checking, ID chipping, heavy wear and blistering. If evidence of one of these failure conditions is prevalent, adding John Crane Diamond seal face technology to the tungsten carbide substrate can help address these challenges.

Benefits of John Crane Diamond

Diamond is nature’s hardest known substance which leads to reduced face wear. Its low coefficient of friction results in less heat generation. The combination of these two characteristics provides additional protection to seal faces, helping overcome the common challenges mentioned above and extending the life of the mechanical seal.

In addition to increasing the mean time between repair (MTBR), adding John Crane Diamond material to a tungsten carbide substrate provides environmental benefits. With less heat generated, the need for cooling water and auxiliary cooling equipment is also reduced, resulting in lower energy consumption and reduced water usage. Compounding these benefits are the associated cost reductions in water consumption, wastewater processing and power usage.

For more information on John Crane Diamond and its applications and benefits, visit the product page on our website or watch this short video.

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