Driving the Future of Seals and Seal Gas Innovation

Driving the Future of Seals and Seal Gas Innovation

An overview of John Crane’s latest product launches

September 10, 2020 | 2 minute read



Although 2020 has been marked by vast amounts of uncertainty and challenges, John Crane has continued to move forward keeping its customers top of mind. Since March, we have added three new products to our portfolio:


·       The Type 8628VSC, and both new versions of the Type 8648VRS (for flashing and non-flashing hydrocarbon duties) 

·       Three new filters in our series of Flow Conditioned Filter (FCF) seal gas filtration system

·       The new high-pressure GCU (Gas Conditioning Unit) Seal Gas Booster designed to support dry gas seals on turbo compressors


Expanding the Pipeline Seal Family

Launched in early March, the Type 8628VSC, and both new versions of the Type 8648VRS (for flashing and non-flashing hydrocarbon duties) use a non-pusher secondary seal (NPSS) device. The products include a primary seal combination for flashing and non-flashing hydrocarbons (8648VRS), a non-contacting secondary seal capable of full pipeline pressure in failure conditions (8628VSC), and an NPSS made from non-compressible flexible elastomer that eliminates secondary seal hang-up.


Seal Gas Filtration Innovation

Also in March, we released three new filters in our series of FCF seal gas filtration system. The new FCF series, designed with a combination of new flow conditioning technologies, delivers up to 50 percent lower pressure drop at start-up and in operation.


The new filter has a reduced filter system footprint and size with no impact to gas flow. It complies with API 692 filtration requirements for contaminants of 1 micron and smaller at efficiencies of 99.9 percent, coalescing performance down to 0.005 ppm (w) for improved centrifugal compressor reliability and operational efficiencies.


Dry Gas Seal Support

In July, we launched our new high-pressure GCU (Gas Conditioning Unit) seal gas booster designed to support dry gas seals on turbo compressors.


The GCU seal gas booster generates a pressure differential between the supply gas and process gas across the faces to keep the seal faces clean. For any application where external seal gas/alternative seal gas is not available, the booster will provide a reliable, automatically triggered source of clean, dry process gas. The booster is a good match for any installation where API 692 requirements apply, as the necessity for seal gas boosters as best practice is repeatedly noted throughout the standard.


Learn more about our full suite of products on our website.


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