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Economic Case of Retrofitting with Gas Seals

Lifecycle Cost Calculator

John Crane Engineers have developed a cost-effective solution to reduce methane emissions for the natural gas industry: simplified dry gas seal retrofit for all oil-seal-equipped centrifugal compressors. Read about the economic case for retrofitting old, oil-seal equipped centrifugal compressors in the John Crane white paper presented to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, compressor retrofit case studies or watch the Retrofitting Compressors with Dry Gas Seals webinar.

You can calculate the payback on retrofitting your compressor using the John Crane Lifecycle Cost Calculator (LCC). Developed and tested with industry groups such as the Fluid Sealing Association, it allows users to input their individual compressor speciation and processing parameters to financially analyze the seal upgrade and other mitigation options. The results from LCC show how operators can begin saving thousands of dollars immediately.