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Refiner Packing Set

John Crane RPS44 is a packing designed for paper refiners. Made from expanded PTFE (with encapsulated graphite) and polyamide yarns, this packing is designed to handle high axial and radial shaft movement. In addition to paper refiners, this packing works extremely well on agitators, mixer, and hydropulpers. The resiliency of this packing, made possible by the addition of internally braided rubber cords, allows for increased sealability on rotating equipment with excessive shaft run-out.

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  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • RPS44 — A combination of John Crane C1065CGF and 1349 provides an abrasion-resistant and resilient packing. Expanded PTFE with encapsulated graphite is used as the base yarn, with the polyamide yarn braided into the outside corners.
  • Applications — RPS44 is a resilient packing designed to handle high shaft run-out and axial movement. In addition to refiners, this packing works well in other pulp and paper applications, including agitators, mixers, pulpers and digesters.
  • Standard sizes — RPS44 is available in standard cross-section sizes from 1/2" to 1-1/2" in 1/8" increments. Standard five-ring sets with a lantern ring are available to fit most OEM refiners.


Temperature Limits


Pressure Limits

500 psi(g)/34 bar(g)

Speed Limits


pH Range

0 to 12

Recommended Applications

  • 流程泵
  • 反应釜与搅拌器
  • 其他转动设备
  • Valves

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