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Type 93LR

Segmented Lift-off Carbon Bushing (Non-contacting) Separation Seal

The Type 93LR is a non-contacting segmented bushing seal with a balanced lift-off carbon design that minimizes the gas consumption in both pressure and flow control. Applications include centrifugal compressors and other mission-critical rotating equipment in the oil & gas and petrochemical industries. Separation gas (normally nitrogen or air) is injected between the two segmented bushings, effectively creating a pressure barrier between the bearing and dry gas seal cavity. The Type 93LR has been designed to meet the requirements of the API 692 standard and it has the ability to be retrofitted to installed separation seals in the John Crane product range with minimum modifications. Advanced materials and design eliminate wear under normal running, promoting long service life.

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  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • Balanced, lift-off carbon ring minimizes gas consumption in both pressure control and flow control
  • Self-centralising grooves ensure dynamic seal concentricity to the shaft/sleeve
  • Patented segment joint design, proven to successfully restrict oil migration and seal leakage
  • Static restriction to oil ingress when separation gas is off
  • Temperature independent separation gas consumption
  • No restriction to gas type or dew point



-58°F to 392°F/-50°C to 200° C

Speed Limits

430 fps/130 m/s

Size Limits

1.57 inch to 11.81 inch / 40 mm to 300 mm, with sleeve to fit all imperial or metric shafts

Recommended Applications

  • 离心压缩机
  • 其他压缩机
Works with:
Type 28AT Type 28AT
Aura™ 120NS Aura™ 120NS
Type 28XP Type 28XP
Aura™ Aura™
Type 28EXP Type 28EXP
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