John Crane - John Crane Celebrates World Water Day

John Crane Celebrates World Water Day

Today marks the annual recognition of World Water DayDesignated by the United Nations in 1993, World Water Day is an annual observance day that highlights the importance of water conservation and marks a call to action to advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.


As demand for fresh water grows around the world, and natural resources become increasingly limited, the need for companies to conserve both water and energy is extremely important. John Crane offers a wide range of innovative solutions that increase process efficiency while lowering costs. Our seal support systems are engineered to reduce contamination and require little to no external flush water.


The high volumes and abrasiveness associated with wastewater and clean water management pose a significant challenge when it comes to designing the supporting equipment. Because the ratio of water to abrasive material from a single source can change frequently, every component must be durable enough to withstand extreme abrasiveness and still perform reliably.


Our products provide cost-effective solutions that reduce energy consumption and increase the efficiency of equipment used in all types of clean water and wastewater applications, from filtration to chlorination—ultimately resulting in an uptick in water conservation and a decrease in energy usage.

When it comes to water and energy conservation, it’s important to remember that it’s our responsibility to use the resources we are given in a wise and responsible way. As every individual and entity across the world depends on water for livelihood and operation, we must learn how to use our limited supply of water efficiently and effectively. Keeping our water supply safe and viable will ensure the wellbeing for generations to come.

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