John Crane - Improve Equipment Uptime with John Crane’s Managed Reliability Program

Improve Equipment Uptime with John Crane’s Managed Reliability Program



Successfully safeguarding operational effectiveness can be measured by improving mean time between repair. The best way to do this is by implementing a managed reliability program, developed specifically for your business, using individual plant and production data.

John Crane Managed Reliability Program Experience

John Crane’s initial concept of a reliability program was developed more than 25 years ago, as a partnership between a mechanical seal provider and some of the biggest businesses in the oil and gas industry. The purpose was to work together to reduce seal failures. In doing so, we were able to improve reliability and production output with less downtime and maintenance costs.

For example, John Crane supported two customer sites with improvements through a five-year Mechanical Seals Reliability Program, which included training the customer’s workforce to increase local knowledge and expertise. By the end of the contract, mean time between repair increased by 5% each year and total cost of ownership reduced by 23%.

In order to preserve continuity, two full-time onsite John Crane personnel — a reliability engineer and a reliability technician — focused on bad actor maintenance repair and root cause analysis, all while delivering vital training to the customer’s workforce.

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John Crane’s Managed Reliability Program Overview

A typical program development for reliability support begins with a comprehensive feasibility study to understand the customer’s individual needs. We measure equipment performance, calculate total cost of ownership and identify opportunities for improvement and cost savings.

When the study is complete, we look at the results and create a program based on delivering clear, long-term targets. This helps relieve pressure on maintenance teams by reducing the likelihood of costly and stressful unplanned downtime.

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At John Crane, our goal is to achieve customer success. We strive to be not just another supplier, but rather a reliability partner to ensure excellent customer relationships and build trust within the industry. If you are interested in finding out how a managed reliability program can be used to improve your mean time between repair, contact us to find out more about Mechanical Seals Reliability here.

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