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TPS 2019 Recap Report

September 17, 2019 | 3 minute read

We had a successful week at the 2019 Turbomachinery and Pump Symposia in Houston, Texas!

This year’s conference was unique for us, as we exhibited at two booths. Our main booth gave conferencegoers the chance to learn more about our range of mechanical seals and systems, power transmission couplings, and filtration and service options, while the other booth focused on our Dynamic Lift Up-stream Pumping and Diamond seal face technology solutions.

See below for a detailed overview of the products and services we showcased at this year’s show:

Seal Gas Filtration

Indufil seal gas filtration systems comply with international pressure vessel and design codes such as API 692. Filters provide a continuous flow of dry and clean seal gas with contaminants filtered down to particle sizes of 1 micron and smaller, at efficiencies up to 99.9 percent, tested in accordance with ISO standard 12500. Additional capabilities include:

  • Coalescing and particle filtration element options
  • Interlinked transfer valves with bolted construction and double O-ring sealed connections for safe, zero-leak operation to atmosphere and between pressure vessels
  • Bolted cover construction allowing easy and clean filter element change out

Filtration Services

Your plant relies on proper filtration to run at peak performance, and your critical equipment relies on filtration for its operational predictability and lifetime longevity. John Crane is making it easier to maintain your essential filtration systems in perfect working condition. From your local service center you now have immediate access to the proven processes, certified technicians and original parts to extend system lifetime, and the ability to react quickly to unplanned shutdowns. Additional capabilities include:

  • Preventing and resolving of unplanned shutdowns 
  • Guaranteed original filter elements to the latest design

Seal Gas Booster

Using the new seal gas booster, suitable clean gas flow is provided to the seals whenever the compressor is in a transient or standstill state.

Additional capabilities include:

  • Automatically-triggered supply of clean, dry process gas to API 692 requirements
  • Zero maintenance design delivers reliable operation and uninterrupted availability
  • NEMA Class 2 /ATEX Zone 2 & NACE approved materials

Secondary Containment Seal for Plan 66A Crude-oil Pipeline Applications

The SCB Secondary Containment Seal is a standardized, dual-bushing arrangement intended for use in conjunction with Plan 66A. It is used as the back-up to a primary seal and is usually incorporated into the cartridge. This seal is specifically targeted at crude-oil pipeline pumps, such as the 8648VRS. Additional capabilities include:

  • Restricts leakage beyond primary bushing at full pipeline pressure in the event of primary seal failure in both dynamic and static operation to 1500 psi g (103 bar g)
  • Enables upset to be detected, switched off, and pump shaft to coast down without significant release to the environment
  • Increases seal mean time between repair reliability in the most difficult crude-oil applications, and cane be used with 8648VRS ‘NPSS’ technology.

Dynamic Lift Up-stream Pumping

John Crane’s unique, engineered, non-contacting Dynamic Lift / Up-Stream Pumping face technology borrows from gas seal designs to deliver a breakthrough in liquid sealing technology. This allows operators to:

  • Increase mean time between repair
  • Reduce seal leakage to atmosphere when compared to a pressurized dual seal
  • Deliver a simple support system ensuring face lubrication without the cost of a pressurized barrier system

John Crane Diamond™

John Crane recognizes the advantages of using one of the Earth's hardest materials to improve mechanical seal reliability and performance in difficult applications involving poor lubricating fluids, liquids above their atmospheric boiling point and abrasive slurries. Extreme wear capabilities are perfect for increased durability in multiphase applications. John Crane Diamond can be used with seal families such as: 

  • T5600 Universal Cartridge Seal family
  • 8600 High Performance Seals
  • 48VBF Boiler Feed Water Seal

In addition, three of our experts presented and facilitated discussions about relevant industry topics at this year’s conference:

  • Claire Weatheritt, Asset Management Services Manager, delivered a tutorial on “Transforming Condition Monitoring Into Effective Condition-based Maintenance,” as well as presented a case study on “The Use of Motion Amplification to Measure and Visualize Relative Motion Between Components.”
  • Brian Kalfrin, Regional Engineering Manager, helped facilitate a short course on mechanical seal fundamentals, participated in a group discussion aimed at addressing and discussing real-world problems and challenges faced by end users/seal OEMS, as well as presented a tutorial on “Midstream Pipeline Applications – Design Aspects and Considerations for Mechanical Seals.”
  • Tom Steigerwald, Design Engineer, hosted a lecture on “Realistic Expectations from a Unique Plan 66A Bushing Design.”

Be sure to also check out our LinkedIn page to watch videos of our industry experts discussing a few of our new product/service offerings in more detail.

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