Welcome to the Official John Crane Blog!

Welcome to the Official John Crane Blog!

We’re excited to launch our official blog to bring employees, customers, partners and everyone in between the most up-to-date news on all things John Crane.

December 13, 2018 | 45 second read

Welcome to the Official John Crane Blog

At John Crane, we partner with our customers around the world to deliver innovative solutions that improve process and equipment reliability through a relentless focus on quality, a passion for service and uncompromising commitment to our people, safety, the environment and ethical business practices.

To further our vision of being a global leader in providing mission-critical technologies and services to the process industries, we have created a blog to share our passion for service and provide customer focused information that furthers all of our education on how to solve and evolve in our industries. 

Over the next few months, we'll talk about where John Crane has been over our 100-year history and where we plan on going in the next 100. We'll share behind the scenes stories of our amazing employees and customers who are pushing the envelope to make our industries safer and more innovative than ever. 

Please join us on this new, exciting journey.

Your Name is How We Make Ours.

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