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GS 74 - API

Global Standardized Plan 74 Pressurized Gas Supply Panel

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The GS 74 global standardized system is an optimized, pre-engineered design based on John Crane’s fluid control expertise and engineering excellence.  The GS 74 is a best-practice solution that significantly reduces specification review and delivery schedules and delivers pressurized barrier gas for optimal mechanical seal performance and reliability.

The GS Plan 74 supports a dual pressurized non contacting gas seal by conditioning and controlling the continuous supply of pressurized gas (normally nitrogen). It features a filter, pressure regulator, check valve, and instrumentation to monitor the flow and pressure in the panel. This product meets the specification of a Plan 74 piping plan, as defined in API 682 4th Edition.

Non-contacting seals


When supplied with the high temperature check valve option, the GS 74 is ideally matched to cover the maximum temperature range of the 2874HTC non contacting metal bellows seal.


Type 2874 HTC


The John Crane GS 74 uses a mass flow type indicating transmitter as standard to monitor the flow in the system. This has the advantage of a larger working range, and automatic compensation for changes in gas temperature, compared with the variable area type transmitters used as standard elsewhere in the industry. A variable area transmitter, a flow switch, or only manual indicators can be provided upon request.

For non contacting seals requiring a pressurized steam supply, see the GS 74 - Steam.

GS 74 - Steam

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  • Best practice design delivers clean, pressure controlled barrier gas for optimal mechanical seal performance and centrifugal pump uptime
  • Mass flow type indicating transmitter for accurate monitoring of barrier gas consumption during pump operation and standby
  • Safeguards against the toughest environments and provides full containment of VOCs for zero-emission control
  • Streamlined design to minimize footprint and obstruction
  • Allows reliable operation of a non-contacting, gas-lubricated seal to achieve high reliability, zero-emission sealing of volatile or hazardous fluids

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