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Gas Conditioning Units

Gas Conditioning Unit for Non-contacting Gas Seal for Turbo Compressors

Dependent on the process and operating conditions, gas conditioning unit (GCU) modules can be added to the standard John Crane gas seal system to provide an integrated system that will further protect the gas seals. Each system incorporates appropriate design modules to provide maximum compressor reliability and performance during normal and transient conditions. These systems also comply with relevant safety and environment standards.



  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • Gas booster to provide clean gas flow during shutdown and start-up conditions.
  • Knock-out filter to separate liquids from the seal gas supply.
  • Heater module to ensure adequate seal gas temperature is maintained.
  • Control module to monitor seal environment and conditions, initiate booster operation and communicate with the Distributed Control System (DCS).
  • A nitrogen supply module can also be included to ensure the seals are purged when no other suitable gas is available.

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