Methane Abatement is a Critical Lever to Reduce GHG Emissions

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Methane emissions reduction is one of the fastest, most cost-effective ways to achieve the target limit of 1.5°C. Benefits of methane abatement are realized more quickly because methane has a strong global warming potential, ~84 times more powerful over a 20-year period, relative to CO2.

Moreover, more than 60% of targeted measures to reduce methane emissions have low mitigation costs and roughly half of those can be profitable, as methane leaks account for ~3-4% of total gas production, or up to $27 billion in lost revenue each year from the oil and gas industry.

The sector will require systematic monitoring, measuring and mitigation to limit methane emissions and meet decarbonization goals. John Crane is working with Smiths Digital Forge to meet this need by delivering technology and services to detect and monitor methane leaks over time from sources in remote and/or dangerous locations with affordable technology, providing customers with valuable data and enabling them to make informed decisions and take corrective actions to control emissions in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our Approach

Our Experience

John Crane’s long successful track record and world class technology are positioned to play a leading role in methane emissions reduction.

100+ Years

We have over 100 years of proven experience preventing and repairing leaks with world class sealing technology

200 Facilities

We have more than 200 facilities worldwide which allow us to respond quickly to issues anytime, anywhere

Zero Emissions

Our Aura Zero-Emissions seal eliminates nearly all emissions from seals. We have experience in overhauling complex pump and compressor systems

Our Mission

Enabling Industries to Reduce Methane Emissions with Cost-effective Solutions

Our mission is to enable industries like the oil and gas sector to reduce their methane emissions. We believe this can be achieved by helping companies identify the sources of methane emissions and providing them with cost-effective solutions to reduce or eliminate emissions and maximize efficiency.

Combining Technologies to Offer a Uniquely Holistic Solution

Once emissions have been identified, quantified and ranked using various measurement modalities, we work with our customers on proprietary sustainable remediation plans. These evergreen programs are tailored to individual customer needs, designed to enhance efficiency and cost-savings, and are well-suited to adaptation as the emissions reduction progress continues and needs change accordingly. Operators prioritize remediation work with John Crane across their “well to wheels” infrastructure.

Our Technologies

Gas Seals and Systems

Using products such as our Aura® family of seals, we can convert wet seals to dry gas seals to stop methane leakage. Our Aura Zero Emissions seal eliminates nearly all emissions from seals.

Dry Gas Seals Gas Seal Systems Gas Conditioning Units GCU Centrifugal Seal Gas Booster

Wet Seals and Systems

We have the broadest portfolio of wet seal and systems in the industry. The range of wet seals available includes high performance low emission petroleum seals.

Metal Bellows Seals Vessel and Agitator Seals O-Ring Pusher Seals Wet Seal Systems


Seal reliability depends upon a continuous supply of clean, dry gas. Our specially designed filters minimize emissions by removing liquid and particle contamination to maximize reliable seal operation.

FCF Seal Gas Filtration Fuel Gas Filtration Liquid Filtration Replacement Filter Elements


Our power transmission couplings are designed to be high performing across a range of applications. John Crane’s broad range of power transmission couplings for the global oil and gas industries are designed to reduce costs and minimize downtime.

Turbomachinery Couplings API Couplings General Process Industries Couplings

Asset Management

Our asset management team delivers services to improve maintenance processes and increase asset efficiency and decrease leaks by providing the systems and data needed to reduce maintenance costs while maintaining optimal production and industry compliance.

Asset Management Solutions

John Crane Sense®

We are developing methane sensor IIoT that can be incorporated into our Sense digital platform, and interfaced with existing DCS/ICS, to enable cost-effective, permanent emissions monitoring across wide geographical footprints.

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