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ARP-L® Reliability Program Leader

For the true leader of the reliability improvement initiative

What a great opportunity you have. Improving reliability will make the plant safer and more competitive. Your fellow workers will have greater job security and they will enjoy a greater sense of job satisfaction.

But that’s only if you are successful with the program…

You, therefore, have a great weight on your shoulders. Not every reliability improvement initiative is successful; sadly, far from it.

We have defined this course to help you to be successful with your program. We don’t know of any other training course like it. Success in reliability leadership comes from understanding the value of the program (and communicating that value), having a detailed strategy, and engaging with the entire organization so everyone is pulling in the same direction. Those topics are the main focus of this training course.

Yes, this course will also discuss many of the essential elements that must exist to have a successful, sustained program, but for the most part, it will be your reliability engineers who must understand the details of those elements.

Leadership versus program management

It is all too common for people to view reliability improvement as a technical challenge, and therefore the role of the manager of the program simply to facilitate the technical solution.

And that is one of the major reasons why so many programs fail.

This training course is not about managing a technical program. It is about leading a successful, sustained initiative that achieves the highest levels of performance via improved reliability and reduced waste.

The leader must deliver value to the organization, and therefore they must understand what that means for their organization. The leader must change the culture and sustain the enthusiasm and engagement of all employees.

The leader must establish a strategy that steers around the quicksand and continually add value.

This course will explain how to do just that.

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If the responsibility for running a successful reliability and performance improvement initiative rests on your shoulders (or you wish it did), this is the course for you. The emphasis on this course is how to generate business value, develop and implement a strategy, and create the right culture, although we do summarize the technical elements.

Quick facts:

  • You will learn about the economics of reliability: aligning the strategy to business goals, economic justification (NPV, ROI, and others), measuring value, and more
  • You will learn about how to implement a successful strategy, with an emphasis on the Asset Reliability Transformation [ART] process
  • You will learn about how to change the culture: leadership, human psychology, human error, culture change, skills/education assessment, and more
  • You will receive an overview of the technical aspects of reliability improvement
  • 5-day live course, also available in video format, and can be delivered at your site
  • Accredited certification to ISO/IEC 17024

Note: Originally this course was known as ARP Category III

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