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ARP-A® Reliability Advocate

Where are you on the journey to reliability improvement? If you are new to the program, or you are interested in learning more so that you can begin a new program at your plant, then the Asset Reliability Practitioner [ARP-A] “Reliability Advocate” course is precisely what you need.

Improving the reliability of physical assets takes far more than just monitoring their condition, improving lubrication practices, and making some improvements to the maintenance department. To have a truly successful program you must understand how to add value to the organization and thus gain senior management support. You must have the support of the entire organization, not just a small group of evangelistic condition monitoring and reliability experts. You must have a coordinated effort between maintenance, operations/production, engineering, finance, and the reliability group – no more silos. And you must follow a strategy that will enable you to build the program, layer upon layer, to achieve milestones and build on success.

Yes, we could simply talk about the common reliability acronyms of RCM, PMO, RCA, and literally dozens of others, but knowing what they mean does not help you implement a successful program.

The ARP-A Reliability Advocate program will provide a holistic view of how to improve reliability and plant performance. It will explain the implementation process and all the essential elements necessary to have a truly successful program.

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Everyone must start somewhere. Whether you are new to reliability improvement and need a way to get up to speed, or if you wish to understand the complete holistic view of reliability and performance improvement because you are considering beginning a program, the ARP-A “Reliability Advocate” course is the perfect place to start.

Quick facts:

  • Gain a business overview of the benefits of reliability improvement
  • Understand the need for culture change and to educate everyone
  • Understand the strategy to implement a successful program
  • Gain a technical overview of the required precision maintenance practices and condition monitoring
  • Understand what it will take to develop the asset strategy (maintenance plan)
  • 3-day live course, also available in video format, and can be delivered at your site
  • Accredited certification to ISO/IEC 17024

Note: Modified versions of this course are available for different audiences: different durations and different levels of detail

Note: Originally this course was known as ARP Category I

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