John Crane February 2019 Newsletter

February 2019 Newsletter

February 2019 Newsletter 

Welcome to the first issue of our quarterly digest! In the coming issues, we will share product features, case studies, thought leadership from our industry experts, service network news, featured blog posts, and information about upcoming tradeshows, events and training opportunities. Relationships built on trust, ingenuity and commitment are the cornerstones of our business—and this newsletter is our way of bringing all of that to you

Product Feature

John Crane Launches Innovative Gas Seal Technology to Significantly Reduce Methane Emissions

Gas seal technology lowers operating costs, improves reliability and reduces methane emissions by up to 95 percent

John Crane Aura 120NSIn September 2018, we launched our latest gas seal technology―Aura™ 120 Narrow Section―designed to be retrofitted into centrifugal compressors with oil seals to significantly lower operating costs, improve reliability and reduce methane emissions by up to 95 percent.

Read the press release here



Aura™ 120 Narrow Section Dry Gas Seal

John Crane Adds to Its "Aura"

Aura™ 120 Narrow Section was featured in CompressorTech2, a leading trade publication targeting gas compression products, systems and technologies. 

Read the full article here


Newsletter - Case Study

Case Study Spotlight

John Crane Helps Leading German Energy Company Solve Seal and Stocking Problems, and Improve Repair Turnaround

By introducing new, more resilient components, improved seal maintenance, repair and stocking initiatives, MTBR increased from 20 months to more than 40 months.

A leading German-based, power-generation company was looking for a way to mitigate losses from damaged seals on high-performance boilers and volume pumps. Chemical reactions not communicated in the original specification had compromised feedwater seals and flue gas desulphurization (FGD) feed seals failed due to metal erosion and lack of seal component flexibility. This undiagnosed root cause and inconsistent repair procedures resulted in unplanned pump outages.

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Customer Insights: Creating a Trusted Partnership in the Pulp & Paper Processing Industry

In the pulp and paper processing industry, efficiency and reliability are key to controlling expenses because they help reduce the amount of energy required by critical processes. John Crane maximizes both―and helps companies meet strict pollution regulations―with engineered components and seal support systems that limit emissions, tolerate high temperatures and reduce water consumption. Our more than 200 rapid-response facilities can also minimize unplanned downtime by providing service, repair and support worldwide.

At John Crane, we pride ourselves on delivering the best services and solutions—creating customer success and solution-driven outcomes based on a trusted partnership. We invite you to watch the following video that offers a first-hand account from Suzano Pulp and Paper—one of the industry’s largest pulp and paper processing facilities—that highlights the valued partnership they’ve been able to create with John Crane, from customer service, cutting-edge technologies and an unwavering commitment to overcoming all challenges.

To learn more about pulp and paper processing, visit our website.

The Basics of Sealing Power Generation Pumps

John Crane In the News

Pumps & Systems ― “The Basics of Sealing Power Generation Pumps”

John Crane keeps facilities up and running with simple, proven solutions for these critical assets. Learn about pump best practices from our experts.

Read the full article here

Upgrading to Mechanical Pump Seals Conserves Water and Improves Energy Efficiency

Environmental & Science Engineering ― “Upgrading to Mechanical Pump Seals Conserves Water and Improves Energy Efficiency”

Environmental performance and efficiency in all plants is increasingly coming under critical review. Sustainability, conservation of natural resources and reduced environmental contamination directly influence the design and selection of equipment.

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John Crane Completes Acquisition of Seebach GmbH

John Crane Completes Acquisition of Seebach GmbH

In mid-2018, John Crane announced the acquisition of Seebach GmbH, a German-based provider of highly engineered filtration solutions for use in polymer, oil and gas, mining and other high-end applications.

Read the press release here

Southern Germany Service Center

Service Network News

John Crane Strengthens Southern Germany Service Capabilities

New Bavarian service center brings additional capabilities to respond faster to customer service needs and reduce downtime costs.

John Crane recently announced the opening of its new service center in Bavaria, Germany. Located in Neustadt an der Donau, in close proximity to Ingolstadt, the new service center will provide John Crane with the capabilities necessary for aftermarket support for its customers within the region, while also allowing them to deliver quick turnaround service capabilities and reduce downtime costs. 

Read the full article here

2019 Perspective: Optimism, IIoT and Filtration Tech Advances

Insights from the John Crane Blog

2019 Perspective: Optimism, IIoT and Filtration Tech Advances

Three of our top leaders take us through their thoughts on what lies ahead for 2019. They share predictions, market updates and technological advancements, as well as how recent developments in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have and will continue to shape John Crane’s customer-centric approach.

Read the blog post here

Tradeshows and Events

We actively participate in relevant industry tradeshows and events around the globe. Whether online or in person, we invite you to learn more about our products and services, and meet our team of experts. Below is a list of upcoming shows and events we plan to attend.

To learn more, visit our events page.

John Crane Events


Our industry experts provide a wide range of training courses, including seal and coupling training that cover the correct procedures for installing, operating and maintaining equipment components. These comprehensive training courses give end user personnel, such as engineers, technicians, operators and mechanics, the knowledge necessary to optimize uptime by keeping their equipment running safely, smoothly and reliably.

Our training courses are available in four geographical regions―United States, Canada, Asia/South Asia-Pacific and EMEA–and cover the following topics:

  • Engineered Sealing Systems
  • Advanced Mechanical Seals and Systems
  • Dry Gas Seals
  • Distributor Sales Training

Below are upcoming training opportunities covering the first quarter of 2019. To learn more, visit our training page.

John Crane Training

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