Recap: John Crane at TPS 2022

Recap: John Crane at TPS 2022

September 26, 2022 | 5 minute read



We had a successful week at the 2022 Turbomachinery and Pump Symposia (TPS) in Houston, Texas! TPS is a vital industry event, offering a forum for the exchange of ideas between rotating equipment engineers and technicians worldwide.

Our booth featured John Crane’s first-to-market dry gas seal digital diagnostics solution to monitor conditions at the heart of the compressor. Launched in December 2021,  John Crane Sense® Turbo  uses a unique set of sensors embedded directly into a compressor’s dry gas seal to deliver continuous, real-time insight to identify potential issues and ensure corrective actions are taken to extend the useful life of the seal. John Crane Sense Turbo was designed to improve reliability, reduce the risk of failures and unplanned downtime, and increase the mean time between repairs while increasing efficiency and profits.

See below for a detailed overview of the additional products we showcased this year:

  • Aura 120NS: Enables the latest John Crane gas seal technology to be fitted into older equipment, bringing with it the benefits of non-contacting design
  • Type 93LR: A non-contacting segmented bushing seal with a balanced lift-off carbon design that minimizes the gas consumption in both pressure and flow control 
  • Seal Gas Booster: Delivers differential pressure and gas flow across the seal faces to ensure the gas seals remain in optimum operational condition
  • FCF Seal Gas Filtration: Removes liquid and particle contamination and maximizes reliable dry gas seal operation
  • H-M Coupling: Provides optimal power to weight in API 671 applications with overload torque requirements by incorporating two technologies in one coupling for greater operational efficiency and improved reliability
  • John Crane Diamond®: Helps customers overcome rigorous sealing challenges, including limited seal face lubrication and severe-service duties that adversely affect reliability, operational costs and seal life
  • Type 8648VRS: A standardized non-pusher elastomer mechanical seal using patented technology, designed specifically for difficult hydrocarbon oil pipeline applications
  • Type 2874HTC: A cost-effective alternative to conventional wet contacting seals supported by various piping plans that provide liquid barriers or quenches to the primary seal interface
  • Seal Gas Recovery System: Reduces greenhouse gas emissions while simultaneously recovering and repurposing valuable vent gas into more productive purposes

Check out the below  LinkedIn posts to watch videos of our industry experts discussing our products and service offerings and our post-show wrap-up video:

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