John Crane - Pumps and Systems Podcast

Claire Weatheritt, Global CBM Solutions Consultant, Speaks with Pumps & Systems in Recent Podcast Episode

John Crane’s Claire Weatheritt, Global CBM Solutions Consultant in Aberdeen, Scotland, recently spoke with Pumps & Systems in a podcast episode on the gap between condition monitoring and condition-based maintenance. In the episode, Claire chats with Drew Champlin, Managing Editor of Pumps & Systems magazine, about the following topics:

  • What is condition monitoring and what is condition-based maintenance?
  • The gap between the two, how wide is it, why is it the way it is
  • Required functional responsibilities as it pertains to CBM
  • Some success factors for a user’s CBM program
  • Some measurement and management tips for CBM
  • What end users and managers should know

Click here to listen to the podcast episode from January 29, 2021.

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