John Crane - John Crane Launches a New Standard for API Plan 54 Fluid Control Systems

John Crane Launches a New Standard for API Plan 54 Fluid Control Systems

John Crane understands that reliable seal performance is needed to maximize process efficiencies while meeting production constraints, and we know that dependable fluid control systems are required to support the performance you expect from our seals.

Regardless of the process fluid―from liquids to gases, cryogenic to boiling and abrasive to the purest finished product―our range of barrier fluid reservoirs, heat exchangers, abrasive separators and pump seal gas control panels support the complete spectrum of industrial processes. Ultimately, the seal's performance is greatly influenced by the environment around the seal faces, making clean, cooled and filtered barrier fluid essential for mechanical seal performance and centrifugal pump-up time.

API 682, "Pumps ─ Shaft Sealing Systems for Centrifugal and Rotary Pumps," provides benchmark system solutions as well alternatives and customized solutions. 

Learn More: Check out our new animated API Plan 54 piping plan

API Plan 54 is applicable to multiple, challenging applications in the oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical and other high purity industries. It is particularly flexible because it is a pressurized external lubrication system (PELS) designed to ensure that flow to the mechanical seal is not reliant on an internal circulation device, shaft speed or thermal siphon. This achieves a specific barrier fluid circulation rate and is ideal for high-reliability applications, such as high-purity and organics processes with elevated pressure or heat dissipation requirements.

Historically, challenging applications have led to customers requesting engineered systems and bespoke designs, which can take longer to design and manufacture than standardized, proven systems, but frequently provide only marginal gains. End users, particularly in the oil and gas industry, often have in-house standards that can quickly add to the complexity and cost of a lubrication system. However, general best practices can be adapted to any system, transcending individual industries and significantly increasing reliability and usability.

Learn More: John Crane created a design guideline for API 682, Plan 54 that can be used to checklist your system requirements based on approved application parameters and recognize the design principles that underpin the new GS 54 standardized Plan 54 fluid control system.

Using best practice to inform operation, installation, reliability, maintenance and safety, John Crane introduced the GS 54, a new standardized Plan 54 support system designed to fit a wide range of challenging, dual pressurized seal applications. In tough and technically challenging processes where reliability is a prerequisite, the John Crane global standard API Plan 54 system is optimized to provide a standard solution across multiple industries, enabling avoidable complexity to be removed from the design and selection process.

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