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Tresse métallique flexible

Styles 1600N, 100CU, 100AL and 124 are flexible metallic or crinkled packings designed for a wide variety of high-speed, temperature, pressure and viscosity applications.

These strong, compressible packings demonstrate remarkably good shaft conformability and low friction characteristics for metallic packings.



  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • 1600N — Nickel foil wrapped around an Inconel wire mesh core, lubricated with graphite and special high-temperature oil. 
  • 100CU — A spiral-wrapped flexible copper foil around a fiberglass core and coated with external layer of graphite and special high-temperature oil.
  • 100AL — This spirally wrapped aluminum foil is wrapped around a high-temperature fiberglass core, making it ideal for high pressure and temperature applications.
  • 124 — A spirally wrapped solid aluminum foil is coated with oil and graphite for greater lubrication and heat dissipation, while reducing friction over the life of the packing.

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