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Systèmes de filtration

Systèmes de filtration

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Liquid Fuel/Water Separation

Dual-Stage Liquid Coalescers for Liquid Fuel/Water Separation

LCF Liquid Coalescer Filter System

John Crane’s Indufil® LCF filter series helps to prevent water related problems by effectively removing water from liquid fuels.

Filtre gaz FCF

Optimized Seal Gas Filtration for API 692

FCF Seal Gas Filtration System

Specially designed John Crane’s Indufil® filters remove liquid and particle contamination and maximize reliable dry gas seal operation.

Filtration de gaz combustible

Fuel Gas Conditioning and Heating Equipment

Fuel Gas Filtration System

John Crane’s Indufil® fuel gas filtration units are individually tailored to maximize reliability regardless of the condition of the supply gas. They...

Filtration du fioul

Fuel Oil Purification Equipment

Fuel Oil Filtration System

John Crane’s Indufil® complete fuel oil filtration systems are fitted as standard to many leading brands of gas turbines. Adequate filtration of...

Filtration liquide

Filtration Solutions for Fluid Applications

Liquid Filtration System

John Crane’s Indufil® liquid filters can be applied to almost any liquid application, from hydraulic and bearing oil systems to lubrication and...

Filtres de remplacement Indufil

John Crane’s Indufil® Replacement Filter Elements

Indufil replacement filter elements

The performance of a filter unit is entirely dependent on the elements fitted, making it essential to fit genuine John Crane’s Indufil® ...

Éléments filtrants de remplacement

John Crane’s Indufil® Replacement Filter Elements

Developed to fit a variety of seal gas filtration system brands, John Crane’s Indufil replacement filter elements meet the latest API standard for compressor dry gas seals and are…

Vannes de transfert double à 3 et 6 voies

Ball Valves for Interlinking Heat Exchanger Equipment

Indufil® ball valves

John Crane's Indufil® ball valves are designed in-house and manufactured for use in duplex systems to enable continuous operation while one side...

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