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Type 3604/3604HTC/3604HTCDP

API 682/ISO 21049 Type C, Arrangement 3, Stationary Metal Bellows Cartridge Seal

The Type 3604/3604HTC/3604HTCDP is a highly reliable dual face-to-face stationary cartridge seal for high-temperature refinery services that is fully API 682 qualified. Dual stationary arrangements are a sealing option within the API 682 specification and have gained popularity with many end users and pump OEMs. These dependable stationary API 682 cartridge seals utilize an impressive design innovation by incorporating high-temperature, corrosion-resistant sealing (HTC) technology for superior seal face stability at elevated temperatures. A DOUBLE-PLY version is available that greatly improves pressure carrying capability to 600 psi(g)/42 bar(g) (consult John Crane Engineering). 

Type 3604: Dual pressurized face-to-face stationary bellows cartridge seal assembly. Utilizes a Type 604 stationary inner and outer seal. 

Type 3604HTC: Dual pressurized face-to-face high-temperature, corrosion-resistant stationary bellows assembly. Utilizes 604HTC technology.

Type 3604HTCDP: Dual pressurized face-to-face high-temperature, corrosion-resistant stationary bellows assembly. Utilizes Type 604HTCDP DOUBLE-PLY technology.

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  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • API 682/ISO 21049 qualified.
  • HTC technology.
  • All-Inconel metallurgy.
  • Stationary bellows designed to accommodate high shaft-to-seal chamber misalignment.
  • Retained inner mating ring for high-pressure and vacuum service.
  • John Crane Sealide® advanced silicon carbide.
  • Withstands reverse pressurization.
  • Internal circulation device (pumping ring) standard.
  • Carbon throttle bushing for effective containment.
  • DOUBLE-PLY bellows for higher-pressure applications.
  • Steam quench connection optional.
  • Tapered bore inner gland promotes fluid movement for enhanced cooling.


Temperature Limits

-100°F to 800°F/-75°C to 425°C

Pressure Limits

Vacuum to 300 psi(g)/20 bar(g)

(See Basic Pressure Ratings curve on Product Specification sheet.)

DOUBLE-PLY: Vacuum to 600 psi(g)/42 bar(g)

(Maximum pressure rating can vary; consult John Crane Engineering for maximum DOUBLE-PLY pressure rating for your specific application.)

Speed Limits



1.5" to 4.33"/30mm to 110mm

Applications recommandées

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