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Type 2609HTL/3609HTL

Dual Unpressurized and Pressurized Rotating Bellows Cartridge Seals (API 682 Type C, Arrangement 2 and 3)

Type 2609HTL is a dual unpressurized rotating bellows cartridge seal API 682 Type C, Arrangement 2. Type 3609HTL is a dual pressurized rotating bellows cartridge seal API 682 Type C, Arrangement 3. High-temperature dual pressurized and unpressurized API 682/ISO 21049 metal bellows cartridge seal with HTL technology.

These dependable API 682/ISO 21049 cartridge seals utilize an impressive design innovation by incorporating the unique high-temperature, live-loaded (HTL) mating ring technology in dual tandem seal arrangements. This new design vastly enhances seal face stability over conventional designs. The seal remains exceptionally stable in spite of thermal changes. The seals have ID and OD pressure capability withstanding full reverse pressurization.


  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • HTL mating ring technology provides exceptional face stability. Seal face stability is achieved by eliminating thermal and mechanical forces that can contribute to face distortion. The sealing interface remains exceptionally stable in spite of thermal changes, allowing the seal to adapt to a wide range of temperature excursions inherent in high-temperature applications.
  • API 682/ISO 21049 qualified.
  • John Crane edge-welded metal bellows.
  • ID and OD pressure capability; withstands reverse pressurization.
  • Alloy 718 bellows for high-strength and superior corrosion resistance.
  • Pumping ring standard.


Temperature Limits

-100°F to 800°F/-75°C to 425°C

Pressure Limits

Vacuum to 300 psi(g)/20 bar(g)

Limites de vitesse

5 000 pi/min/25 m/s

Applications recommandées

  • Pompes de traitement

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