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Type 48SC

Dry-contacting Secondary Containment Seal

Dry-running, contacting seals employ a technology based on careful material selection and precise control of contact forces. They are designed to operate dry, with the containment chamber between the seals being vented to a flare or vapor recovery system.

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  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • Shaft-mounted unit with a carbon primary ring and a specially shaped silicon carbide mating ring and drive collar designed to enhance cooling
  • Narrow radial section, simplicity and lower cost, making it an attractive option for many services


Limites de température

32 °F à 400 °F/0 °C à 205 °C

Limites de pression

Sec: 5 psi(g)/.35 bar(g)

Humide : 500 psi(g)/35 bar(g)

Limites de vitesse

4000 fpm/20 m/s

Applications recommandées

  • Pompes de traitement
  • Autres équipements rotatifs

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