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Type 2

Multi-purpose Non-pusher Elastomer Bellows Seal

The Type 2 mechanical seal is available in single, double and balanced arrangements. An outside-mounted spring results in a compact working height that enables it to fit very short stuffing boxes.

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  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • Fits equipment with confined space requirements and limited seal chamber depths in pumps, mixers, blenders, agitators, compressors and other rotary shaft equipment.
  • To absorb both breakout and running torque, the seal is designed with a drive band and drive notches that eliminate overstressing of bellows. Slippage is eliminated, protecting the shaft and sleeve from wear and scoring.
  • Automatic adjustment compensates for abnormal shaft-end play and run-out, primary ring wear and equipment tolerances. Axial and radial shaft movement is compensated for with uniform spring pressure.
  • Special balancing allows for higher pressure applications, greater operating speeds and lower wear.
  • Non-clogging, single-coil spring allows for greater dependability than multiple spring designs, and it will not run foul due to fluid contact.



-40 à 205 °C/-40 à 400 °F (selon les matériaux utilisés)


Type 2 : 29 bar(g)/420 psi(g)

Type 2B : 83 bar(g)/1 200 psi(g)


Consulter le tableau des vitesses de la fiche technique.

Applications recommandées

  • Pompes de traitement
  • Autres équipements rotatifs

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