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Type 83

セパレーションシール (接触型テクノロジー)

The Type 83 is a dual-segmented carbon bushing assembly designed to prevent the migration of bearing oil to the dry gas seal cartridge. Normally applied as a double arrangement with an inert buffer gas. When used in conjunction with the Type 28 dry-running gas seal, it provides a total sealing system that ensures separation of bearing oil and process gas in compressors.

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  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • Low buffer gas consumption.
  • Low wear for longer life and improved reliability.
  • Cartridge design for easy installation.
  • Universal design independent of shaft rotation.
  • Unique carbon bushing segment design with self-adjusting hydropads.
  • Incorporates biased flow path to further reduce the risk of bearing oil migration.
  • Specially designed joint between the carbon bushing segments to minimize buffer consumption and bearing oil migration.
  • Unique axial spring design accommodates shaft excursions.


Limites de température

-20 °F à 400 °F/-30 °C vers 200 °C

Limites de pression

3 à 15 psi(g)/0,2 à 1,0 bar(g)

Limites de vitesse

430 pi/s/130 m/s

Limites de taille

40 mm à 375 mm, avec chemise sur l’arbre pour s’adapter à tous les arbres de pompe métriques ou impériaux

Applications recommandées

  • Compresseurs centrifuges
  • Autres compresseurs
Fonctionne avec
Filtre gaz FCF
Filtre gaz FCF
PD 75 PD 75
Type 28AT Type 28AT
Type 28EXP Type 28EXP
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