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John Crane is well-positioned to help our customers under any energy transition pathway. The only way to meet demand is through a sustained and relentless quest for efficiency in the supply and use of energy. Investments in several renewable energies need a massive scale-up. In the mid-term, cleaner natural gas―as long as methane emissions are eliminated―will be a critical bridge toward a zero-carbon future and support the intermittency of wind and solar while green hydrogen and cleaner nuclear energy become more viable. All technologies are needed, and the digital revolution will prove to be a formidable enabler of the energy transition.



John Crane, in conjunction with Smiths Group, supports global efforts to address climate change and is committed to net zero emissions by 2050. We are committed to environmental sustainability in our use of resources across our activities and by investing and deploying products and services to enable our customers to achieve their sustainability goals.

A fundamental aspect of the net zero agenda is energy transition and how the energy industry and other key heavy industries transition to cleaner energy sources to meet expected growth in energy demand while reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

John Crane’s market leading technology is custom engineered to use less energy and drive increased efficiency through physical product and digital advances that enable customers to prevent and fix leaks, provide for longer equipment lifespans and reduce costs by increasing Mean Time Between Repair (MTBR). We have a wealth of expertise in identifying retrofit, upgrade and conversion opportunities that help lower energy use. Our suite of end-to-end methane abatement solutions are designed to help customers eradicate methane leaks.

Looking ahead, we believe all available technologies―carbon capture, hydrogen, nuclear, solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal―and significant global investment will be required to achieve net carbon neutrality and stay below 1.5°C warming. As such, we are innovating to deliver a broad range of novel technology and services to meet customer needs and address the challenges ahead in the energy transition.

Our Approach

Our Experience

We Are a Trusted Partner Supporting Customers Through the Energy Transition

100+ Years

John Crane has more than 100 years of experience preventing and remediating leaks for customers in many industries around the world

5,000+ H2 Units

Over 40 years experience and more than 5,000 seals, filters, couplings, and systems installed today in hydrogen applications

~80% of CO2 Injected

Over 25 years experience with 80% of carbon dioxide injected underground in existing CCUS sites enabled by John Crane dry gas seals

Methane – Our Mission

Enabling Industry to Reduce Methane Emissions with Cost-effective Solutions

Our mission is to enable industries like the oil and gas sector to reduce their methane emissions. We believe this can be achieved by helping companies identify the sources of methane emissions and providing them with cost-effective solutions to reduce or eliminate emissions and maximize efficiency.

Combining Technologies to Offer a Uniquely Holistic Solution

Once emissions have been identified, quantified and ranked using various measurement modalities, we work with our customers on proprietary sustainable remediation plans. These evergreen programs are tailored to individual customer needs, designed to enhance efficiency and cost-savings, and are well-suited to adaptation as the emissions reduction progress continues and needs change accordingly. Operators prioritize remediation work with John Crane across their “well to wheels” infrastructure.

Blue Hydrogen and Carbon Capture Technologies

Enabling Canada’s Largest Blue Hydrogen Facility

John Crane was selected to provide sealing technologies for one of the world’s largest blue hydrogen production sites located in Alberta, Canada. The project demonstrated blue hydrogen and carbon capture technologies from the facility’s steam methane reformer units. The site is now capturing up to ~1.2 million tonnes (Mt) per year of carbon dioxide, which is then transported and permanently stored over two kilometers below the earth’s surface in a deep saline aquifer.

Seal Performance Has Delivered High Reliability

Since becoming operational in 2015, John Crane’s pump seals and seal support systems provided have operated in line with expectations and have consistently delivered a high MTBR. This enables reliable and clean operations for the end user.

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~6 million tonnes (Mt) and counting

Total carbon emissions captured since 2015

Case Study

Enabling Australia’s Largest Carbon Capture and Storage Facility

John Crane was selected to provide dry gas sealing technologies for a joint venture of international oil and gas companies developing a major liquified natural gas field off the Australian coast. The project would capture up to ~4 million tonnes per year of carbon dioxide, which is then transported and permanently stored more than 1.5 kilometers underground. Reliably capturing and storing the CO2 presented the project with considerable compressor sealing challenges, including handling supercritical fluids and volatile temperature and pressure conditions.

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Seal Performance Has Delivered High Reliability

Since the compressor trains became operational in 2019, there have been no failures or repairs on any of the three compressor trains. The high reliability of these seals is helping the operation keep its 40% of greenhouse gas emissions reduction commitment over 100 million tonnes of carbon dioxide over the life of the project.

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~4 million tonnes (Mt) per year

Annual carbon dioxide injected underground

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