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John Crane Introduces Innovative New Seal Gas Filtration System

Flow Conditioned Filters Deliver Increased Reliability: A Lower Pressure Drop, Additional Flow Capacity and Align with API 692 Filtration Requirements

CHICAGO (March 25, 2020) ― John Crane, a global leader in rotating equipment solutions, supplying engineered technologies and services to process industries, today announced the launch of three new filters in its series of Flow Conditioned Filter (FCF) seal gas filtration system.


The new FCF Series, designed with a combination of new flow conditioning technologies, deliver up to 50 percent lower pressure drop at start up and in operation


Product features include:

  • Reduced filter system footprint and size with no impact to gas flow
  • Complies with API 692 filtration requirements for contaminants of 1 micron and smaller at efficiencies of 99.9 percent
  • Coalescing performance down to 0.005 ppm (w) for improved centrifugal compressor reliability and operational efficiencies
  • Available in single and duplex configuration, and in stainless steel as a standard and in higher alloys
  • Guarantees clean dry gas and offers best-in-class protection for gas seals and centrifugal compressors





In June 2018, API 692 was released, setting a completely new standard for best practices related to dry gas seals and systems, as well as seal gas filtration systems. Realizing these improvements in seal gas filtration would incur an extra burden on the availability of filtration equipment, John Crane identified the need to develop a completely new seal gas filtration system.


To reach optimal performance the flow through the filter system needs to be streamlined and optimized. Conditioning the flow is important when used in combination with 3-way valves and 90-degree pipe bends, where the efficiency of the filtration process is adversely affected by consequential flow vorticity. Such inefficiencies affect gas seal reliability and can increase the risk of unplanned downtime requiring more maintenance and increased OPEX. To address this, the FCF series comes complete with three new flow technologies in both the filter system and filter element.


Learn more about John Crane’s next generation seal gas filtration system.






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