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L Series

General-purpose All-metal Membrane Coupling

L series range of membrane couplings has been specifically designed to provide a cost-effective solution for demanding industrial applications. The couplings are selected by their torque capacity, with the scalloped hub providing the right size for the shaft.


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  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • Fit and forget: The L Series coupling is designed for infinite life and with correct machinery alignment will out last the machines it connects.
  • Overload protection: The coupling is fitted with overload collars to prevent membrane rupture in the event of severe torsional overload.
  • Low imposed loads: The membranes have been designed to optimize their torque capability, whilst minimizing the reaction forces due to misalignment, thus maximizing the life of the machines connected.
  • Zero maintenance: The all-metal construction has no relative moving parts, and hence requires no lubrication or routine maintenance increasing reliability.
  • No backlash: The coupling design, with fitted bolts, and torsionally stiff membranes ensures that there is zero backlash. This makes the coupling ideal for drives where constant speed is crucial.
  • Spark-resistant option. Hazardous areas require spark-resistant couplings. This is achieved by replacing the overload collars with components manufactured from non-ferrous metals


Maximum Shaft


Maximum Torque

235,000 Nm (2,079,750 lbf/in)

Speed Limits

22,000 rpm

Temperature Limits

5°F to 300°F/-15°C to 150°C

Recommended Applications

  • Process pumps
  • Mixer and agitators
  • Electric motors
  • Gearboxes
  • Steam turbines
  • Other compressors
  • Driven machinery
  • Other rotating equipment
  • Generators

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