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Close-coupled Medium-torque Axially Split Coupling for API Industry

TSKL range of close-coupled membrane couplings has been specifically designed as a direct replacement for lubricated gear couplings even when the shaft separation is very small, typically 3mm. The TSKL coupling incorporates a scalloped design of stainless steel flexible membrane, which allows for transmitting medium torque combined with shaft misalignment.

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  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • Easy to install.
  • Can be supplied to meet ISO 13709 (API 610) specification.
  • Intrinsic balance meets AGMA standard 9000 class 9.
  • Coated carbon steel for corrosion protection.
  • Fit and forget: The TSKL coupling is designed for infinite life, and with correct machinery alignment will out last the machines it is connected to.
  • Overload protection: The coupling is fitted with overload collars to protect the membranes in the event of severe torsional overload.
  • Low imposed loads: The membranes have been designed to optimize their torque capability, while minimizing the reaction forces due to misalignment.
  • Zero maintenance: The coupling has no relative moving parts, and hence requires no lubrication or routine maintenance.
  • No backlash: The coupling design, with fitted bolts, and torsionally stiff membranes ensures that there is zero backlash.
  • Spark-resistant option: Hazardous areas in refinery operations require spark-resistant couplings. This is by replacing the overload collars with components manufactured from non ferrous metals.
  • Standard features: The coupling hubs are fitted with puller holes as standard. Self-locking threads ensure the hub bolts remain in place under all vibration conditions. The transmission unit has compression and jacking bolt features to ease assembly and removal.


Maximum shaft


Maximum Torque

13,350 Nm (118,500 lbf in)

Speed Limits

21,500 rpm

Temperature Limits

5°F to 300°F/-15°C to 150°C

Recommended Applications

  • Process pumps
  • Electric motors
  • Gearboxes
  • Steam turbines
  • Other compressors
  • Driven machinery
  • Other rotating equipment
  • Generators
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