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John Crane Online Academy

Flexible Learning Communities Designed to Meet Your Plant’s Reliability Needs


John Crane offers flexible and cost-effective training solutions to improve the reliability and performance of your mission-critical rotating equipment. Whether you need virtual hands-on, competency-based classroom type training, larger lecture-style courses or digital classes to attend at your convenience, we understand that you need flexible and accessible technical training content.


What is John Crane Online Academy?

John Crane Online Academy is a new initiative developed to provide online technical training and expertise to enhance the technical competency of maintenance engineers.

  • The courses valued at $250 for 60-90 minutes of live instruction consists of interactive instructor-led training to recreate the classroom experience online. Class sizes will be limited to maintain the intimate setting of the live experience.

  • The lecture series valued at $185 for 60-90 minutes of live training provides group instruction by the same professional trainers and engineers that lead our smaller courses. The content and learning objectives are the same as the VILT courses and allow an opportunity to ask questions.   

  • John Crane experts deliver webinars designed for a broader audience.

We are offering the livestreaming courses free during these unprecedented times.


Why Choose John Crane Online Academy?


You’ll learn from professional instructors and field-based engineers at the world’s market leader in process industry technologies and services. Upskilling your workforce is crucial in today’s rapidly shifting landscape.


By training your staff at John Crane Online Academy, your company will benefit from:

  • Upgraded equipment performance

  • Reduced total cost of ownership

  • Proactive maintenance practices to minimize downtime

  • Enhanced worker safety

Our training courses offer both basic training and advanced troubleshooting techniques for mechanical seals, dry gas seals, couplings, filtration and seal support systems.

Online Training Courses


Wet Seals

  • Mechanical Seal Basics

    • The Mechanical Seal Basics training will teach you to evaluate and understand the basic working principles and construction of mechanical seals. This course will examine the five elements of mechanical seals.

  • Mechanical Seal Failure

    • The Mechanical Seal Failure training will teach you how to evaluate and understand mechanical seal failure. Upon conclusion of the course, you’ll understand how to identify the typical failure modes of mechanical seals and apply troubleshooting guidelines to prevent issues from repeating.

  • Seal Support System Basics

    • By participating in the Seal Support Systems Basics course, you’ll learn the functionality of the various API piping plans, understand the differences between them and their usage. The is course will examine how support systems help control the environment across the seal.

Gas Seals

  • Dry Gas Seal Basics

    • In the Dry Gas Seals Basics training, you’ll learn the principles of dry gas seals and seal support systems for centrifugal compressors.  By the end of the class, you’ll understand the importance of dry gas seal performance for overall process plant reliability.

  • Dry Gas Seal Failure

    • By participating in the Dry Gas Seal Failure training, you’ll be able to identify and record physical effects of external influences on dry gas seals and how to apply troubleshooting guidelines to typical failures to prevent issues from repeating.

  • Filtration System Basics

    • In the Filtration Basics course, you’ll learn how gas filtration technology works, it's basic principles and its operation. This course will introduce you to the API 614 standards and system design.

Dry Gas Seal Installation & Removal

In this 90-minute course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the physical effects of external influences on dry gas seals
  • Explain the evaluation steps, data and tools available to perform an installation and removal of a seal cartridge.


This session also covers the typical failure modes related to incorrect installations and how to apply the appropriate troubleshooting guidelines.


Separation Seals for Turbo Machinery Applications

This 90-minute online session teaches safety practices for working with separation seals, their basic principles and operation, and the different failure modes you may encounter.



  • Couplings Basics

    • In the Couplings Basics Training, you’ll learn their basics principles and operation. This course will review the types of couplings and the parameters for selecting and aligning them with different machinery types.

The Value of Training

Improve your workforce with a full range of training options from John Crane’s Online Academy. Train your maintenance team to adapt to new technologies and learn equipment reliability strategies.

  • Upskill your maintenance workforce

  • Upgrade your equipment performance

  • Reduce the total cost of equipment ownership

  • Minimize time away from the plant

  • Enhance employee safety

  • Access to on-demand content, easily accessible online when you need it

  • No travel required to decrease carbon footprint

  • Reduce education and training costs

  • Peer learning opportunity during video break-out sessions


All courses are conducted on English unless noted.