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GS 54

Global Standardized Plan 54 Lubrication System

The GS 54 global standardized system is an optimized, pre-engineered design based on John Crane’s fluid control expertise and engineering excellence.  The GS 54 is a best-practice solution that significantly reduces specification review and delivery schedules and delivers pressurized barrier system control for optimal mechanical seal performance and reliability.

Click on the Plan 54 piping plan animation below to see the pressurized external cooling system in operation, or click on the ‘normal operation’ or ‘failure mode’ buttons to change setup. You can use the controls to pause and reset the animation.

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  • Best practice design delivers clean, cooled, and filtered barrier fluid for optimal mechanical seal performance and centrifugal pump uptime
  • Assured differential pressure, circulation rate and seal-generated heat removal during pump operation and standby
  • Safeguards against the toughest environments and provides full containment of VOCs for zero-emission control​
  • Streamlined design to minimize footprint and obstruction​
  • Optimal heat removal and cooling capabilities
  • Standard four-week lead time



30 gallon / 113 litre

Flow Rates

4.5 gpm at 1800 rpm / 1500 rpm

Pressure Limits

Design: 917 psig / 63 barg

Operation: 50 psig to 667 psig / 3.4 barg to 46 barg


Design: -20° to 180°F / -29° to 82°C

Ambient: 20° to 110°F / -7° to 43°C

System Assembly

Tank 304 SS / Tube and Fittings 316 SS / Carbon Steel

System Compliance

Confirm barrier fluid compatibility with process fluid

Recommended Applications

  • Arduous applications demanding pressurized barrier fluid
  • Wide range of applications requiring high reliability across oil and gas, chemical and general Industry, and high-purity and organics
  • Elevated pressure and heat dissipation requirements
Works with:
Type 5620/5620P Type 5620/5620P
Type 3648 Type 3648
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