John Crane - Filter Cones
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Filter Cones

Seebach filter cones are cone-shaped filter elements which are mainly used in the fields of oil and gas, in the pharmaceutical and food industries (e.g. grinding cones and grater cones).


 ID  10894
Type  Filter cones
 Execution  pleated
 Joining method  Welded
 Filter medium   sintered metal fibre
 Outer diameter  220 mm
 Filter rating   75 µm
 Material  stainless steel AISI 316
 Max. differential pressure   - 
 ID  10443
Type  Filter cones
 Execution  Pleated
 Joining method  Welded/glued
 Filter medium  Wire mesh
 Outer diameter  540 mm
 Filter rating   30 µm
 Material  stainless steel AISI 304
 Max. differential pressure  5 bar

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