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Factory-assembled Transmission Unit with High-torque Capacity for low speed applications where meeting API-671 (ISO 10441) specifications is required

H-L low speed couplings feature a factory assembled transmission unit that is simple to remove for easy equipment maintenance access. Hubs will accept larger shaft sizes commonly found on electric motors, generators and API-671 pump applications. H-L couplings can also be designed to interface with integral shaft flanges.



  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • The transmission unit is simple to install and remove for rapid separation of the two machines, providing easy access for alignment and equipment maintenance.
  • Arrangements for larger diameter shafts and integral shaft flanges.
  • Unitized assembly for high standard of balance and utmost reliability.
  • Full compliance with ISO10441 (API 671) — no exceptions.
  • The flanged H-L transmission unit can be readily adapted to match the integral shaft flanges used on many large gas and steam turbines.
  • Flexible discs visible for easy inspection.
  • Factory assembled hub/flex element units.
  • High-reliability stainless steel flexible disc design.
  • Built-in overload collars for additional safety.

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