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Soot Blower

Soot Blower Sets

Soot blowers are used for removing soot build-up from boiler tubes typically associated with fossil fuel burning and power generation. John Crane offers soot blower sets for most soot blower models. These sets consist of chevron-style middle rings to accommodate both the rotational and reciprocating motion of the soot blower lance tubes, and male and female end rings that conform to the stuffing box. These corrosion-resistant sets feature good heat dissipation and low friction generation, resulting in low power consumption and reduced downtime and maintenance. They are available in filled PTFE or graphite.

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  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • PTFE — The filled PTFE style is custom precision-molded or machined to meet customer specifications. The PTFE rings are filled with molydisulfide and fiberglass and are usually applied in hot air service. The molydisulfide enhances lubrication.
  • Graphite — High-purity flexible graphite soot blower sets handle high-temperature steam, hot water, or gases, and provide superior heat dissipation and enhanced lubrication. These sets are custom die-formed rings and consist of chevron style middle rings.
  • Standard sizes — Fits most OEM soot blower models.


Temperature Limits

PTFE: 450°F/232°C

Graphite: 850°F/455°C (Atmosphere)

1000°F/540°C (Functional steam)

Pressure Limits

1000 psi(g)/68 bar(g)

pH Range

0 to 14

Recommended Applications

  • 流程泵
  • 反应釜与搅拌器
  • 其他转动设备
  • Valves

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