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Valve Stem Packing

Used to control valve leakage in inaccessible areas. Use of John Crane material allows for decreased inventory, along with reduced maintenance time. Reliability of valve packing system creates a safety factor for those inaccessible operations.

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  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • Trained technical support — Sales/service engineers provide training programs, on-site surveys, and supervise installations.
  • Design and application engineering support computerized live-load program calculates proper load data for disc spring selection, configuration, and gland nut torque.
  • Optimum packing materials utilize die-formed Crane-Foil® packing rings for longer sealing life, resulting in less corrosion in the box and less leakage in the valve.
  • Bellville Springs maintain packing compression above the minimum sealing pressure as packing relaxes and wears.
  • Nuclear Certifiable Materials can be certified to meet demanding nuclear service purity levels of low chloride, fluoride, halogens, sulfur and embrittled metals.
  • Reduce maintenance cost.
  • Control emissions.
  • Self-adjusting.
  • Equalized loading.

Recommended Applications

  • 流程泵
  • 反应釜与搅拌器
  • 其他转动设备
  • Valves

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