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Emission Packing Set

John Crane five-ring, test-proven emission packing sets (EPS-1 and EPS-2) combine John Crane G58I and Crane-Foil® packing to provide the best emission compliant packing available. Test results have proven conclusively that these packing sets will contain valve emissions to below 500 ppm.

Two high-density John Crane G58I graphite die-formed rings form the top and bottom sealing rings. A high-strength, high-temperature wire mesh encapsulates the yarn, providing additional tensile strength and extrusion resistance. These rings ensure compression of the middle sealing rings and will prevent any packing extrusion.

Three medium-density Crane-foil die-formed rings with internal wave comprise the center sealing rings, which are completely contained between the end rings.

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  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • EPS series packing — Our low-leakage EPS consisting of a resized set of rings. This set can be either statically loaded or live-loaded. Specifications for live-loading include spring configuration and gland bolt torque requirements.
  • EPS1 — This packing set will seal the majority of liquids, light hydrocarbons and gases, encountered in a refinery or petrochemical plant. In addition, excellent for high-temperature, high-pressure steam applications.
  • EPS2 — Designed with concave/convex middle rings and end rings effectively reducing valve stem torque requirements. This design is recommended for control valves that have a high cycle frequency.
  • End rings — John Crane's Style G58I rings are manufactured by using a high-purity, flexible graphite yarn which is first braided and then die formed into high-density end rings. The Crane-foil flexible graphite yarn is reinforced with a high strength.
  • Middle rings – The middle rings are manufactured from John Crane’s Style 267 Crane-foil flexible graphite tape which contains a passive inhibitor. The flexible graphite contains no binders and is chemically inert. The rings are die-formed using a unique process.


Temperature Limits

Non-oxidizing atmosphere: 1200°F/650°C

Oxidizing atmosphere: 850°F/455°C

Pressure Limits

6,000 psi(g)/415 bar(g)

pH Range

0 to 14 (except strong oxidizers)

Recommended Applications

  • 流程泵
  • 反应釜与搅拌器
  • 其他转动设备
  • Valves

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