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Non-asbestos Sheet Gasketing

John Crane Style 2160 and Style 4160 sheet gasketing are general purpose materials that have excellent chemical resistance. The unique properties of these materials help to deliver excellent performance and sealability in severe industrial applications including alkalis, organic acids, and marine engines.

2160 — Compressed sheet with a synthetic fiber base and butadiene acrylonitrile binder. This material has excellent sealability and exhibits good creep resistance.

4160 — compressed sheet with synthetic fiber base and styrene butadiene rubber binder. This material has excellent sealability, good anti-stick properties, and exhibits good creep resistance.



  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • Color: 2160/4160: Off-white
  • Density: 2160/4160: 112lb/ft3ASTM F36A:2160/4160: 7-17%/50% (compressibility/recovery) ASTM F37A: 2160: 0.25 mL/hour
  • Sealability .58 gal./yr.4160: 0.20 mL/hour/sealability .46 gal./yr. ASTM F38B:2160/4160: 20% (creep relaxation) cross
  • Grain tensile strength: 2160: 2,000 psi(g)/138 bar(g); 4160: 1600 psi(g)/109 bar(g)
  • Maximum safety
  • High-torque retention
  • Reduces inventory (standard gasket for many applications)
  • Reduction of gasket leaks
  • Reduction of maintenance

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