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Type SEW

Single Mechanical Seals for Sulzer Process Pumps

Type SEW is a seal operating on a non-pressurized water quench principle. It is designed for the most demanding applications in the pulp industry, where reliable and long-lasting operation is required from a seal. Typical applications include stock pumps at pulp mill washing and screening facilities, as well as high-temperature condensate pumps.



  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • Balanced design — undisturbed operation even with sudden pressure shocks.
  • Heat shrunk seal faces — ensures correct face alignment at all temperatures recommended for this seal.
  • Spring located in a stationary body — shaft misalignment does not pump up the spring or wear out the O-ring.
  • Installation against the shaft shoulder — easy installation reduces risk of human error. No measurements required for installation.
  • No drive pins at seals — seal face does not crack at start-up.
  • Available in different materials — selection covers all possible single-seal applications.
  • Non-pressurized seal water quench — possible to cool seal with non-pressurized seal water at high temperatures. A V-ring prevents water leakage from the seal.
  • By using a Sulzer Scanpump cartridge tool, the seal becomes a true cartridge seal.
  • Available with grease lubrication — the Safeseal Type SEW can be used with grease quench to save seal water.


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