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Type 48MP

Low-emission, Moderate-pressure O-ring Shaft Seal For Light Hydrocarbon Services

Type 48 seals evolved from the successful, proven John Crane Type 8B1 design, the preferred choice for safe, reliable, unpressurized tandem and pressurized dual seal arrangements in petroleum services for more than four decades. The Type 48 is a dependable, engineered mechanical seal developed specifically for single seal installations to attain MACT (Maximum Achievable Controllable Technology) compliance in light hydrocarbons and other VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Type 48 single seals control emissions to less than 500 ppm. Available in cartridge or optional shaft-mounted seal arrangement.

  • Industrial applications involved in the processing of VOCs and similar hazardous materials.
  • Lubrication liquids, aqueous solutions, chemicals, light hydrocarbons and water services.


  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • Low-emission single seal — designed to satisfy U.S., federal, state and local regulatory requirements. Type 48 assures emission control with a single seal arrangement in VOC services. Years of low emission sealing are provided.
  • Type 48 sealing package — Type 48 seals are application-specific with the proper selection of primary ring, mating ring material, and flush arrangement.
  • Computer-optimized seal faces — computer modeling minimizes thermal- and pressure-caused distortion. For optimal performance, face materials are specified antimony filled carbon graphite versus silicon carbide as standard.
  • Flush maximizes cooling — available with an extended flush with single-point injection and a large percentage of the mating ring exposed to the process fluid for cooler running. For higher-heat loads, a distributed flush with improved heat transfer characteristics is recommended.

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