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Secondary Containment Bushing

Secondary Containment Device for Plan 66A Crude-oil Pipeline Applications

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The SCB Secondary Containment Bushing is a standardized, dual-bushing arrangement intended for use in conjunction with API Plan 66A. It is used as the back-up to a primary seal and is usually incorporated into the cartridge. This seal is specifically targeted at crude-oil pipeline pump seals, such as the Type 8648VRS.


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  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • Restricts leakage beyond primary bushing at full pipeline pressure in the event of primary seal failure in both dynamic and static operation to 1500 psi g (103 bar g).
  • Enables upset to be detected, switched off, and pump shaft to coast down without significant release to the environment.
  • Increases seal mean time between repair in the most difficult crude-oil applications, when used with Type 8648VRS ‘NPSS’ technology.

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