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It's Easy to Work with Us

It takes time to produce highly engineered products, but mission-critical operations can’t afford to wait. John Crane optimizes uptime by continuously improving on its solutions for realistic, on-time delivery of essential products. And lead time accuracy is always a priority. We have the engineering expertise, quick turnaround and exceptional customer service that make it easy for our customers to minimize downtime and run their operations reliably.

“The company is clearly very interested in the improvement of their products and they do a very good job listening to and understanding our technical issues,” says a senior rotating equipment engineer in Qatar.

Our commitment to innovation includes 100 years of applied engineering expertise specific to seals, bearings, couplings, filtration and seal support systems. Given the breadth and depth of the John Crane catalog, it’s not surprising that many of our customers have been with us for more than 20 years. By leveraging us as their one-stop supplier, they can standardize their equipment and reduce inventory.

“When I first started working 35 years ago, we worked with three vendors regularly,” says a senior engineering and maintenance supervisor in Texas. “We turned to John Crane as a solution to the problems we were facing with our other providers. Their product was reliable and their customer service was incomparable.”

And we’re always striving to get even better at what we do — from improving our supply chain with new manufacturing and service centers, to adding more service capabilities at our 200+ rapid-response facilities for quick assistance anywhere in the world.

“I can’t say enough about John Crane’s local presence,” says a senior engineer in Texas. “Their shop is amazing, and having a shop of such quality so close by is a massive advantage. We get faster turnaround times and better support services.”

Contact us today to see for yourself how easy it is to work with John Crane.

*Services vary by region.