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EngineeringU Your Partner for the Future

Working at John Crane means you are joining a team that is focused on solving the mission-critical challenges facing our customers and committed to driving what comes next. Together, we will work to support the growing demand for energy through the advanced solutions we develop for our customers.


engineeringU is a 12-month accelerated development program that offers select applicants the opportunity to learn and work alongside John Crane engineers, while gaining hands-on experience and post-program career placement in critical roles across John Crane. Placement is based on your aptitude, preferences and company needs.

Why engineeringU?

Rather than an entry-level position, this program provides you with a wide-range of knowledge and skills to impact the global business. Additionally, this post-program placement establishes a strong career trajectory for you at John Crane and within the larger Smiths Group.

Who should apply?

If you are a senior graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical or Manufacturing Engineering in the spring or summer semester, you may be eligible to join the program.

Think you might be a fit? Visit our careers page to learn more!

Program Benefits

  • Hands-On Training – Gain a wide range of experience to disciplines across the entire global business
  • Guaranteed Role – Post-program placement in a critical role at John Crane
  • Career Path– Establish your career within the Smiths Group network

John Crane is a part of Smiths Group

Smiths Group, a global technology business listed on the London Stock Exchange (SMIN), is a world leader in the practical application of advanced technology. As the largest division of Smiths Group, John Crane enjoys the robust support necessary to continually develop new solutions that meet its customers’ current and future needs.