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Training Course:

Upstream Production Chemistry and Water Injection Management

This course introduces the basic principles of how to assess and address issues that can cause operational problems and plant shut-downs. Learning is through an effective blend of classroom theory sessions, exercises and group discussions reviewing actual field case studies. A certificate is issued to delegates on successful completion of the course.

Learning Objectives

Global oil and gas demand has increased dramatically over the past ten years and energy companies are increasingly having to produce oil and gas from more difficult reserves. When faced with challenging conditions a knowledge of the role of chemistry in production and processing is vital, as it can significantly reduce costly well workovers or plant shut-downs.

The training course is an introduction to production chemistry, providing an overview of the materials that can form major problems in oilfield production facilities, such as organic and inorganic scales, biofilms, ‘schmoo’, waxes, asphaltenes and soaps.

Key objectives of the course include:

  • Understanding the production chemistry issues that can reduce oil flow from reservoirs to export oil systems.
  • How monitoring, prediction and mitigation of detrimental flow assurance problems can be achieved successfully and cost–effectively.
  • Looking at some of the more severe field cases of fouling and what could have been done to eliminate or mitigate the problem(s).
  • A review of industry water injection practices and procedures, in particular, water injection specifications that are vital to the successful operation of onshore and offshore oilfield production systems.
  • An introduction to water injection equipment and processing and the role production chemistry plays in running an effective waterflood project.

Intended Audience (Industry/Role)

The three day course is suitable for anyone who has responsibility for, an interest in, or is affected by, interruptions to the flow production fluids and injection water.

Dates and Registration

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